Originally released 1990, this Deluxe Edition released in 2012.


Album is available in all streaming, download portals as well as physical CD and a vinyl version in complete new re-worked packaging. Including new linear notes and pics and personal notes from Jeff Scott Soto.



Marcel Jacob: Bass, rhythm guitars, drums and keyboards.
Jeff Scott Soto: Lead vocals, backing vocals.

Additional players:
Christopher Ståhl: Lead guitars.
Mats Lindflrs: Lead and rhythme guitars on "Women Whiskey & Song".
Mats Olausoon: Keyboards.
Peter Hermansson: Drums on "System Of Power and "Lightning Strikes"

Additional players on the live sessions:
Jason Bieler: Lead guitars, backing vocals.
"Jake Samuel" Jakob Samuelsson: Drums. backing vocals.
Thomas Vikström: Keyboards, backing vocals. (* Except "Ice Cream Man")

Track listing:

  • Break Your Chains
  • Standin´ On Fire
  • I'll Be Waiting
  • Dangerous
  • Just Between Us
  • System Of Power
  • Queen
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Day By Day
  • Women, Whiskey & Song
  • Great Sandwich (instrumental)
  • MJ Playing Solo In Studio. (Bonus)
  • Just Between Us [Live 1990] Kopparberg, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • Eternal Flame [Live 1990] Kopparberg, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • I'll Be Waiting [Live 1990] Kopparberg, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • Scream of Anger [Live 1990] Karlskoga, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • NJBBWD [Live 1990] Karlskoga, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • Standin' On Fire [Live 1990] Karlskoga, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • Let Me Love You [Live 1990] Karlskoga, Sweden. (Bonus)
  • Ice Cream Man [Live 1990] Stockholm, Blues Brothers, Sweden. (Bonus)